A program designed to meet your standards

  • Extensive list of training options, with the ability for employers or employees to specify the desired goals.
  • Initial testing to ensure each participant is placed based on the appropriate skill level. From there, the teachers and learners can tailor the focus of the course and refine learning objectives.
  • Weekly testing and grade reporting, which allows the employees to track their goals and the instructors to recommend continued learning.
  • Collaboration with your staff to ensure grades are being reported for progress analysis.
  • Deferred training plans that offer time between sessions to allow for practice in the industry and then returning to where the session left off (along with some review) to focus on needed areas of improvement.

Benefits to YOU:

  • With the Business English Elite curriculum, your employees will enhance their skills while also boosting their confidence and knowledge at an accelerated pace.
  • Business English Elite will customize a program based on your expectations and learner goals to provide the ideal learning package tailored to your employees’ needs.
  • You get to choose the number of sessions and how often they are offered.
  • One-on-one lessons also available. Especially useful for employees who would benefit from accelerated training, additional learning time, or wish to attend outside the specified package.
  • Business English Elite will supply the curriculum development, teachers, textbooks, and scheduling. You just need to supply the learners (and conference room).
  • Your employees will feel more assertive and comfortable to allow your business to grow in an industry that depends on continued professional and personal growth.
  • Together, we’ll make your team ELITE!
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