Provide your team with skills that don’t need a corporate translation.

BEE has been working with private, public and non-profit organizations, delivering innovative and cost-effective training courses to staff and learners since 2017.
Our approach is to offer dynamic and effective training that is delivered at your location, on your terms. By coming to you, we keep costs down and offer a highly competitive service that is tailored that meets your specific needs.

Course Content

Whether you are new to workplace training or an experienced trainer, we have a training course that is right for you and will help you deliver more dynamic, interactive, and effective training sessions to your staff that will enhance employee performance.

Our program is available as a 2-day course, a 1-day workshop, on a 1-to-1 coaching basis, and as a distance learning option. Our training courses cover essential personal development areas such as learning styles, group dynamics, delivery styles, resources, assessment, feedback, planning and evaluation. They explore demonstration techniques, 1-to-1 delivery, classroom-based training and how to facilitate learning.

All our Train the Trainer courses are delivered by a fully-qualified professional trainer with a history of delivering training to client groups ranging from dysfunctional teenagers to high-level managers, and with an array of techniques for working with learners who are unwilling to learn, lacking motivation, challenging or unaware of their skills gaps.

Our training courses have been utilized by many industries including: the care sector; automotive; food production; transportation, distribution, and logistics; adult education; non-profit community education; higher education; and retail.

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