Determining the needs of your associates by identifying what's working, what's not, and establishing priorities.

The Business English Elite formal professional development program provides staff with the skills to succeed. Often, there is an unequal distribution of resources and opportunities, the so-called opportunity gap. We believe, this gap can only be solved by offering the right opportunities to the employees who need them the most. BEE can help you close that gap by encouraging the imagination and engaging staff members through accessible educational programs that reinforce core organizational values, develop skills, and address employee needs,

We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. We encourage open dialogue with our clients and throughout the evaluation process with each of our partners. This allows us to ensure that your employees receive the best training and that your organization receives the benefit of that enhancement, so you may further your goals of working with a multi-lingual workforce.

    • We offer our expertise to organizations; locally, nationally, and globally that share our goal to support the personal development of those employed. We do this by:
      • Creating customized curricula to help organizations better serve their employees’ needs.
      • Consulting with other organizations within the same industries to better deliver a curriculum that meets our clients’ goals.
      • Providing frequent updates on the progress, of those enrolled, with weekly or monthly reports of attendance and grades.
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