We work with leaders and organizations who are as passionate about encouraging employee imagination as we are.

We partner, build networks, and exchange ideas to custom-design programs that foster the imagination. Together, we develop ways to bring new opportunities to new populations of employees. We manage a network of partners allowing us to scale programs and expand the scope of our services. When BEE, its clients, and associates work together, BEE is better able to reach industries and specific needs that were previously unattainable to an organization.

Each program offered tackles the challenge of reducing opportunity gaps in new and unique ways. The program includes the recording of individual sales pitches and presentations, and allows discussion and critique to improve delivery and likelihood of closing. Business English Elite is committed to taking a step back, to review our programs, at every angle. We measure, we learn, we adapt, we change. In order to succeed, we document our successes and failures to endlessly optimize what we do.

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